A Novel Analysis Concerning Water Consumption


FIBREBOARD SALES BY GEOGRAPHICAL SEGMENTS * Latvian and Lithuanian stores were closed on 30.09.2019 PÄRNU RIVERSIDE DEVELOPMENT: real estate management Rental income, including the resale of utilities, was € 36 thousand in Q3 2020 (2019 Q3 € 32 thousand). The company’s expenses consist of operating expenses and expenses related to the ongoing detail plan project, which resulted in positive EBITDA of € 1 thousand for Q3 2020 (2019 Q3 positive € 14 thousand). Real Estate Management net profit in Q3 2020 were € 1 thousand (2019 best site Q3: loss € 8 thousand). The reason for the change in EBITDA and net profit/loss is the change in the accounting policies for investment properties adopted at the end of 2019, where instead of the measured cost, investment properties were recognized in the balance sheet at fair value. The order book from our traditional customers in our largest markets in northern Europe remains strong, although it is very difficult to predict what will happen in the future due to the continuing uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Nordic Fibreboard Ltd recorded net loss in October 2020 of € 27 thousand, such loss was mainly the result of the factory’s planned 2 week stoppages in early October. The production workers did not take their annual 2 week holiday during summer due to large order backlog we had at that time, instead it was moved to the early part of October. Thus, Pärnu factory’s output in October was reduced as a result thereof, which impacted sales negatively, and thus resulted in the aforementioned net loss of € 27 thousand.  Next planned production holiday will take place in latter part of December which will also affect negatively compared to the results achieved during Q3 when there were no production holiday. We will continue to manage and develop the property on Suur-Jõe Street 48, Pärnu.


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