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Required coverage: You’re required to have a certain amount of liability coverage in most states, so check with your state’s insurance commission to make sure you pass that requirement. Also, if you’ve financed or leased your vehicle, check with the lender or leasing company and compare what you have to ensure you don’t violate the terms of your agreement. At the same time, consider getting rid of any insurance coverage you don’t need, especially if there’s a low chance you’ll actually use it. Again, Credible's partners can help you with this time-consuming process by allowing you to compare car insurance costs in just minutes . Plus, they explain what each insurance provides. Ongoing policy costs: Many car insurance companies will offer discounted rates upfront to get you to buy a policy, but then they’ll increase the rate after the first policy period ends. Check to see what your policy will cost now and in the future, so you don’t have to go through this entire process all over again in six months or a year. If you're looking to lower your car browse around this web-site insurance, you're going to want to consider several auto insurance companies. Start your search on Credible , where you can complete the process entirely online.
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